If you are a professional dentist in Toronto or Mississauga and looking for an accountant or tax specialist, TOP TIER ACCOUNTANTS  Chartered Professional Accountants is your answer. We are a team of professional accountants who specialize in providing services to the dentists in the Greater Toronto Area. We can meet your accounting needs, irrespective of the stage in which you are with your dentistry career. We can help you incorporate, if you are looking to set up your own practice, or we can ensure the smooth functioning of the accounting side of your practice, if you are already running one. Our aim is to manage the accounting and taxation needs of dentists. We provide the following services:
Incorporating a professional dental practice and structuring
Accounting and bookkeeping services
Payroll management
Profit maximization
Preparation of financial statements
Filing Corporate tax returns (T2)
Sole proprietor dentist tax return (T1)
Tax planning, keeping in mind your tax needs
Salary vs. dividend comparison
Income and capital tax relief
As accountants who specialize in catering to the accounting and taxation needs of healthcare professionals such as dentists. We help dentists make the correct financial decisions to get their practice started off right and help them retain as much of their taxable income as legally possible. TOP TIER ACCOUNTANTS  Chartered Professional Accountants is well equipped to work with the latest accounting softwares to ensure timely and proper bookkeeping.
We have a proactive approach and use our expertise and tailor it to your specific needs and deliver more than what you expect from your Chartered Accountant. This allows our clients to focus on providing healthcare services and serving their patients while we take care of their financial and accounting needs. Our specialized bookkeepers have experience in working with dentists and are knowledgeable in practice management software so that bookkeeping is maintained correctly and efficiently.
Tax Specialists
We make sure to provide the best possible services to our clients when it comes to their taxation. It does not matter if you are a sole owner who wishes to file their personal tax returns, one of the partners in a partnership or own a Professional corporation, we can help you with your taxation requirements. As having years of experience in providing taxation for healthcare professionals we can help our clients in various ways, all the while making sure that they do not pay taxes any more than they should and can avail any relief or subsidy offered to them by the government and relevant authorities.
Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants help develop tax efficient compensation plans for our clients and their families. Our team also helps in-house professionals incorporate their businesses. TOP TIER ACCOUNTANTS  Chartered Professional Accountants offer tax advisory services like estate planning, year-end tax planning and provide guidelines in selling and buying of assets without facing severe tax implications.

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Welcome to Top Tier Accountants Chartered Professional Accountants We known for our professional development and tax accounting services we provide services to numerous industries and associations across the GTA. With locations in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville to serve you better, we expertly guide you on developing and maintaining a healthy financial profile